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“My experience with Gorman Real Estate”

     I am in the military, and during my stay in this wonderful apartment I never felt safer or more comfortable. Any issues I had were resolved very quickly, especially an issue I had with my next door neighbor which Mr. Gorman personally handled. I had no issues with either of the lovely ladies at the front desk. They were always very helpful, attentive and polite. As well as the other neighbors in my 6 apartment complex. I heard nothing negative of the property management team at all. In fact, the other neighbors made sure to tell me that if i had any problems to let Mr. Gorman know because he would take care of them as soon as possible. As soon as i received my new orders and gave my 30 days notice, i was given specific instructions to clean the apartment myself or allow a cleaning service to clean everything and it would be taken out of my security deposit. I decided to clean myself. Mr. Gorman approved of the cleaning and gave me my full deposit back. And a week and a half later, i received the check in the mail. From the time I moved in, unitl the time i moved out, the management team was awesome. My time in Pacific Grove was wonderful! I recommend to anyone moving into Pacific Grove area to check out Gorman Real Estate first and make your time in the Monterey Peninsula a memorable one.

“Satisfied Tenant”

     Gorman Real Estate has been wonderful to work with. I leased for one year and would still be with them if it weren't for my relocation. The staff is professional, respectful and personable. They are very proactive on maintenance and building safety and inform me of any scheduled services. The apartment complex was well-maintained and they have great workers for painting, cleaning, heater repairs, etc. I've heard horror stories from renters in the Monterey Bay area, but Steve Gorman's agency has been truly fantastic. Mr. Gorman and his staff are the best!

“Perfect Service and Very Good Properties!”

Tom N.
     We rented our home for 2 years from Gorman Real Estate. We received it in a very good condition (well maintained and very clean). Throughout our time in the home this status was kept up. When we had any technical issues, which happened twice within the two years, we called the office and the issue was resolved within one day.
Mr. Gorman and his staff are very friendly. Every time I went to the office, I felt welcome. The ladies in the office are very competent and helpful. The return of the home went very smooth because Mr. Gorman communicates his expectations very clearly.
When I happen to be in the area again to live here, Gorman Real Estate is my first choice to look for a home.
I thank Mr. Gorman and his staff for a great home and perfect service.

“Great Rental Experience”

S. McIntyre
     We rented a home through Gorman Real Estate for 2 1/2 years in Pacific Grove. From start to finish our experience was very positive. The front office was always friendly and helpful. If there was ever a need for a repair, it was handled quickly and we were kept well informed of scheduled maintenance appointments. We were given very clear guidelines for what was expected to clear the property when we moved, and this helped make the move-out process much less stressful. The entire Gorman team was consistently professional, and beyond that, just plain thoughtful, decent people. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the area who is looking to rent a home or to anyone looking to have their property well managed.

“Very happy property owner!”

     Very happy property owner! We have worked with Steve and Gorman Realty for a number of years as owners of a home in Monterey. We couldn't be happier. Steve treats both owner and tenant with respect and professionalism and works so hard to make sure both are happy. He has helped us find professional contractors when we have needed to upgrade the property and has kept in touch with us throughout the process, which was a blessing, given that we live out of town. We have had the same tenant for several years and I credit Steve with that in large part, because he treats everyone well and fairly. If you are an owner looking for a property manager or a tenant looking for a well-maintained home with a good property-management company behind it, I believe you can't do better than Gorman Realty. P.S. Merrie and Gayle in the office are wonderful, too. Lovely people and real pros!

“Fantastic Manager!!!”

     Gorman Realty is fantastic! We had such a great experience renting through them. They took exceptional care of us and the property. Any problems we had were resolved quickly and without any hassle. When the time came to move out, they provided a list of straight-forward expectations and didn't play any "security deposit games". To summarize Gorman Real Estate in a few words...professional, helpful, friendly...hands-down the best rental agency we've ever had to deal with.

“Hats Off To Gorman Team!”

     We wanted to thank you for your outstanding service! As homeowners and frequent renters also, we recognize and value a great property management company. You always respond quickly to our requests, perform yearly checks of the property, and are pleasant to work with. With this "triple-treat" your team is amazing! Again, thank you and if you are ever in our new location, please be sure to call us!

“Gorman Rocks!”

     I would TOTALLY list my property with Gorman and I would definitely rent from them again. I am on both sides of this coin--I own a home in another state and rent every time I move. Gorman had all the attributes I look for in a property manager: organized, efficient, timely and professional.

“Grateful to have Gorman”

     It’s not often, at least not in my little world, that the business I do on a day to day basis occurs in such a way that is so enjoyable and anticipated as the experience I have had with Gorman Real Estate. I recently moved from a rental property in Pacific Grove which I had been renting from Steve Gorman for the last year. As we did the final walk through, I was torn between the excitement of the spacious upgrade I was about to experience and the sadness of giving up my pad right by the ocean. That sadness included the care and comfort I was giving up by no longer being a tenant of Gorman. The staff, Mary and Gail, has always been attentive, communicative and loving. Paying rent was like visiting home, always a connection and a willingness to chat about the things in my life. Steve Gorman runs the kind of business that makes small town feel so good. I am grateful. Thank you. Jennifer James

“I always recommend Gorman Real Estate to any seekers who cross my path!”

     We have been renting with Gorman Real Estate for a total of almost 10 years. We left the state for a few years and when we moved back the first thing we did was call Gorman to see if there was anything available. Gorman is the ONLY management company that I recommend to anyone that asks because our experience has been above excellent. Mr. Gorman is so nice and has such a remarkable work ethic. The minute we need anything - someone is always quick to handle the job. If you are looking for a rental or someone to manage your home rental.....Gorman is the ONE you can trust to do an outstanding job!

“There's the rest but THIS is the BEST!”

     As an owner of rental property in Pacific Grove for 16 years, we had a wonderful relationship with Gorman Real Estate and staff. We have ALWAYS found Steve Gorman, Gayle and Merrie to be forthright, open, fair and professional in dealing with both owners and renters. Steve Gorman and his staff managed our property in a most professional manner at all times finding great renters for us and helping us keep the property in good shape with any needed repairs. We now reside at this property and found it to be in perfect condition when we moved back to Pacific Grove. The BEST advice we ever received before we left was..."CALL STEVE GORMAN if you're looking for someone to manage the property..." We continue to recommend Gorman Real Estate to our friends and acquaintances who are looking for rentals and property managers and do so with the absolute confidence that they will not be disappointed! Steve, Gayle and Merrie set THE STANDARD for how this business should be run. They won"t disappoint!

“Excellence in Property Management!”

     I am a rental property owner. Gorman Real Estate has managed as many as 16 units for me over the past 9 years. I chose Gorman Real Estate because of the office's excellent reputation and references, and for the smaller and more personal operation. Mr. Gorman will only accept for management those rental units that are well maintained by owners. Because I am seeking clean and responsible tenants, I am happy to meet his requirements to attract and retain such tenants. I have found Mr. Gorman and his two office personnel to be personable, professional, fair and responsive to tenant's needs and owner's issues. I would recommend Gorman Real Estate to any rental owner seeking professional management and to any prospective tenant seeking a well maintained, professionally managed rental unit.?

“Outstanding Property Management!”

     Steve Gorman and his crew managed many properties for my father-in-law who was himself in real estate in Pacific Grove. When he died in April of 2008, I became his executor/trustee and began working with Steve, Merrie and Gayle. The management of the estate, the division of it and the accounting for all of the changes was no problem for Steve, Merrie and Gayle. Every request I have made, they fulfilled. All the paperwork is in order. They helped even more when we sold a property they had managed for years. The renter for 30 years needed help and Steve and his crew helped her. Steve Gorman is managing several properties for us on the Monterey Peninsula. We live in Washington State and we could not own rental property on the Peninsula without Steves expert help. If you need a property manager, you can do not better than Steve Gorman and his team.?

“Caring Professional Property Management”

     Professionalism is what we pay for, but Steve and his team go beyond what's expected... through their caring for our tenants and for us. Owning property in other cities, managed by others. I feel qualified to judge the quality of service provided by Steve; and he definitely goes the extra mile. I can also recommend Steve as a realtor, from our satisfying experience in using him in the sale of a property managed by him. His knowledge of the local market was particularly beneficial to us. It is easy to recommend Steve and his team.

“Trusted REALTOR”

     When I returned to Monterey to prepare my house for a new renter I knew that I would need an agent who would be reliable, informed and professional. I had very few days to accomplish the task. Merrie and Gayle were ready to to assist me in every detail., Steve visited the house with me and advised on what would be needed to put the house in first class condition for the new renter-new window blinds, new refrigerator, etc. He also gave me the name of an excellent roofer as I wanted to replace the roof. With the help of Gorman the house was put on the market in tip top conditon and steady renters were found. In subsequent years I decided to take the house off the market to make major imporvements-new tile floors, kitchen renovation, upstairs deck repair, etc. During these months when there was no rental income I maintained contact with Gorman and soliticted their expert advise in selection of tradesmen and even design elements such as granite selection for countertops. They helped me with these decisions during a time when they were not getting commission. They have always given my renters prompt and compassionate attention and shown a true concern for my investment. Steve, Gayle and Merrie have been trustworthy associates in working with rental issues. Both renter and property owner benfit with Gorman services.

“Best Landlord Ever!”

     I have been a renter for over 30 years and have moved and lived all around California, especially in metropolitan areas where landlords can be corporate-minded, insensitive robots. The Gorman staff are the antithesis of this and should be held up as examples in how to manage renters and owners. The expertise of Steve, Gayle,and Merrie, with their always professional approach exemplifies what any renter could ask for. I have never seen any of them without their warmest welcomes and eagerness to provide excellent service. I was sad to have to move from Pacific Grove, in large part because I really enjoyed my association with this management company who made my living experience in PG, so much more pleasant! I am also a landlord, so I have much experience with this. If you like doing busines and associating with happy people, then work with Gorman Real Estate!

“Positive Experience”

     I lived in an apartment in PG under Gorman Real Estate for 2 years and I have nothing but good things to say about the company and the people that work there. Gayle and Merrie were completely professional, helpful, and more than willing to work with me on any issue, and Mr. Gorman always made sure to personally handle any problem that arose. They rent to several military members and understand the nuances with short notice orders and moves. My overall experience with Gorman Real Estate was totally positive and I tell all my friends moving into the area to check with Gorman Real Estate first.?

“Fantastic Job!”

     We had nothing but exceptional customer care and professionalism from Gorman Real Estate. There are very clear, precise directions for the entire process. Move in, move out, and how to contact them if trouble arises. Speaking of trouble arising, there wasn't a time that I wasn't able to reach them, especially after hours! Always there and always prompt in dealing with the issue. They didn't try to get the quick fix either. They sought the root of the problem and fixed it. They didn't just treat my house like one in a number, they treated the house as if it was their own!
Thank you for a great rental experience!