We Welcome Assistive Animals In Our Monterey Peninsula Rentals

Service dog- Gorman Real EstateGorman Real Estate follows all housing laws.  We welcome into our housing and respect all people with disabilities who need assistive animals (emotional support animals, therapy animals, and service animals).  We have had many such residents over the years.  We will do whatever we can to reasonably accommodate anyone with a disability.

Some property owners have requested “no pets” in their rental property.  Assistive animals are generally considered exempt from such “no pets” rules, as they are not considered pets; we respect those legal exemptions.

Truthful Service Dog Owners

We would like to think that every applicant who represents to us that they have an assistive animal is being truthful.  Unfortunately, in an effort to bypass the “no pets” rule in some housing, some applicants are breaking the law by claiming that their pets are “assistive animals” when their pets do not meet the legal definition of that term.  Vests and ID cards that identify their pet as an assistive animal are readily available on the internet, without the need to substantiate whether the animal meets the necessary criteria.  We believe this is harmful to the cause of legitimate assistive animals and the wonderful people they serve.

Out of respect for those applicants who legitimately need assistive animals, we use forms that were developed by the legal department of the California Apartment Association to be certain that both Gorman Real Estate and the applicant are following the law.  As part of these forms, applicants attest that their animal meets the legal definition of an assistive animal.

We encourage those with assistive animals to apply to our rentals.  To help their cause and to prevent fraud, those who misrepresent their animals as assistive animals, when they are not, will be reported to law enforcement.