Marijuana In Pacific Grove Rental Housing

marijuana in rental properties- Gorman Real EstateThe laws on the sale and use of marijuana in the state of California continue to evolve.On the Monterey Peninsula, it is not difficult to obtain a card from a doctor authorizing the use of marijuana for a variety of medical conditions. There are marijuana medical dispensaries on the Monterey Peninsula, and there are delivery services that will deliver it to your doorstep.

What does the use of marijuana have to do with rental housing on the Monterey Peninsula? Actually, there isn’t much of an issue as long as it is consumed rather than smoked. When marijuana is smoked, it violates a rule that applies to all rental housing managed by Gorman Property Management: No smoking is allowed on the property.

Is Marijuana Smoke Different Than Tobacco Smoke?

When someone smokes tobacco or marijuana, it has the potential to affect another person who has the right to a smoke-free environment. Our promise to all of our residents is that there will be no smoking on the premises. If one of our residents smokes on the property, it is a violation of their rental agreement or lease and they will be asked to stop. If they do not stop, they will be asked to leave permanently.

But isn’t marijuana exempt from such restrictions? Actually no, it isn’t. Smoke is smoke. It damages property by staining walls, curtains and carpeting. It bothers other residents. It is a potential fire hazard. There are a lot of good reasons to ban smoking in rental housing, and those who want to use marijuana have other options to deliver the drug to their system.

What Does The Law Say for Marijuana In Rental Homes?

The cities of Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel have all struggled to balance the evolving dynamic of marijuana laws and the burgeoning dispensary business on the Monterey Peninsula. But most municipalities continue to ban smoking of marijuana in the same areas that smoking of tobacco is banned. That same approach is being used in the rental housing industry throughout the state. In fact, a new law has been proposed to make it clear that landlords and property managers are permitted to ban smoking of marijuana in rental housing, just as they are for tobacco smoke.