Is Subletting Allowed In Monterey Peninsula Rental Homes?

View from Living Room - Gorman Real Estate Management

The cost of housing on the Monterey Peninsula, especially the rental markets that Gorman Property Management serves – Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel – has risen considerably over the years.  As a result, rents are becoming unaffordable for many.  In an attempt to lower the cost of rental housing, some tenants think that renting out a room or section of a home or apartment is a good solution.  It’s not.

Why is subletting a bad idea?  For one thing, whether you rent a home or apartment from Gorman Property Management or another company, it is almost always a violation of your lease or rental agreement to sublet.  When you get a roommate who pays rent to you, or if you rent out a section of the home in exchange for rent, that is considered subletting.

If Gorman Property Management determines that one of our tenants has been subletting his or her home or apartment, we will typically ask that resident and their roommate to leave.  In other words, he or she is evicted.  So unless you are willing to risk your tenancy with us in order to sublet the rental home or apartment, it’s not worth the risk of losing your housing.

If that seems harsh to ask a resident to leave because they sublet the rental home or apartment, consider the fact that the lease between you and Gorman Property Management is a contract.  In the contract, Gorman Property Management agrees to properly maintain the rental home or apartment.  In return, you agree to abide by the terms of the agreement, one of which forbids subletting the rental home or apartment.  If you do sublet, you are breaking your written promise to Gorman Property Management and the owner of the home.  We don’t want to continue to rent to someone who breaks his or her promises, just as you should not want to rent from us if we broke our side of the promise to maintain the rental home or apartment for you.

In my 35+ years of managing rental housing on the Monterey Peninsula, I have seen some very negative results from subletting.  There are a lot of scams in the roommate section of rental housing websites, and lots of people fall victim to them.  It is not unusual for a resident to rent to someone whom they end up disliking or by whom they feel threatened.  Your personal safety could be put at risk.

Subletting is not a good idea and is a violation of your rental agreement.  Please don’t do it.