Cleanliness Counts in All Rental Properties

clean rental property in Pacific Grove, CA

Gorman Property Management strives to provide the highest quality housing available on the Monterey Peninsula. We care about our rental property tenants and owners and want the best experience possible for both. Part of that is taking the time necessary to explain to rental property owners the features that tenants appreciate having in rental homes and apartments.

Rental property owners can compete for the best tenants by doing a good job of maintaining their rental homes and apartments. At the top of the list is to provide a clean and safe environment. Gorman Property Management makes every effort to be certain that rental house or apartment is CLEAN when a prospective applicants view it and again before a new tenant moves into it. Properly cleaning your rental home or apartment before a tenant moves in shows the tenant that you care about them and the quality of their housing experience.

How Do We Know the Rental Property Is Clean?

When a tenant leaves the rental home or apartment, they are given clear instructions about the cleaning that is expected. To make sure the move-out inspection goes smoothly, Gorman Property Management provides our tenants with the names of cleaners we recommend. This typically ensures that the rental home and apartment will be clean when they leave. How can Gorman Property Management expect that the rental housing will be left clean? Departing tenants tell Gorman Property Management consistently that they remember how clean the rental home or apartment was when they moved in and they want to return the favor because they so appreciated it.

So the rental housing is clean when a Gorman Property Management tenant leaves. But what if a rental home or apartment has been vacant for a week or two between tenants? Generally, several people will have gone into the rental home to preview it, inspect it, or make repairs. Once Gorman Property Management accepts an applicant and have set the date of occupancy, we ask our cleaners to return to the rental property and make sure it is clean. The cleaners generally don’t have to completely re-clean the rental home or apartment, but they will vacuum the carpets, mop the floors and clean bathrooms that may have been used during the vacancy. This is an inexpensive gesture of caring and a very small price to pay for satisfied tenants and starting things off right.

Choosing the Right Pacific Grove Rental Property Company

Rental property tenants appreciate property management companies and owners who show care for the cleanliness of the rental housing they provide. Developing a good reputation as a property management company that cares about our residents is a factors that has made Gorman Property Management such a popular choice among rental property tenants and owners for property management services on the Monterey Peninsula.