What Is the Process of Moving into a New Rental?

Mixed race family in new homeMoving into a new rental home or apartment on the Monterey Peninsula can be a daunting task. Just finding the right rental home is a challenge because of the shortage of housing. We at Gorman Real Estate understand those challenges and will do our best to assist you in finding the right rental home or apartment. We specialize in rental housing on the Monterey Peninsula: Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel.

Once you’ve found the right rental home or apartment and have signed a rental agreement, it’s time for you to move in. We want to help make the moving process go smoothly for you. Prior to your arrival, we have the home professionally cleaned to ensure your satisfaction. After all, the last thing you want to do when moving into a home is clean.

Documenting the Condition of a Rental Property

When you sign your lease, we provide you with a list of our local utility companies and other useful phone numbers to assist you. We provide you with a move-in checklist and ask that you complete it and return it to us within three days. On it, we ask that you please note any pre-existing conditions (an appliance that isn’t working, a window that won’t lock closed, etc.) and we’ll perform the necessary maintenance promptly and by appointment with you. Also be sure to note any damage you might notice (knife marks on a kitchen counter, scratches on a floor, etc.) to make sure you are not held responsible for that damage when you leave.

We also take extensive pictures of the interior and exterior of the rental home or apartment prior to your occupancy to document its condition. You are welcome to take your own pictures if you notice anything that you think should be documented for your protection.

Gorman Real Estate wants you to enjoy your new rental home or apartment. We are ready to do what we can to help make the transition to new housing as smooth as possible. Welcome to the Monterey Peninsula!