Water Conservation on Monterey Peninsula

Water Shortage in California

conserve water - monterey peninsula (Custom)It is no secret that we have a water shortage in California, caused by our ongoing drought. The local government agency responsible for developing a new source of water is the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District. They also create and administer many of the rules that are in effect to conserve water. The company that provides our water is a private company called California American Water Company.

There is an ongoing process to develop a new water supply for the Monterey Peninsula in the form of a desalination plant. The objective is to convert salt water from the ocean into drinkable water. This is a long, drawn-out process that will take some time and will involve lots of government rules and regulations.

In the meantime, residents of Pacific Grove, Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Seaside, Sand City, Del Rey Oaks and Carmel Valley are subject to the conservation rules of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.

What Are the California Water Shortage Rules?

The rules state that you can water your garden only twice a week and only on Wednesday and Saturday. You can water only before 9:00 AM or after 5:00 PM, and only for 15 minutes per irrigation station. You can no longer wash down sidewalks and driveways. If you wash your car, your hose must be equipped with a shut-off valve, and you cannot allow the water to run down the street.

For more information, go to www.californiaamwater.com/drought or www.montereywaterinfo.org Oh, and hope for some rain!