The Importance of Maintenance in Your Monterey Peninsula Rental Home

pacific-grove-206B-cypress-avenue-kitchenEveryone agrees that the Monterey Peninsula is a very competitive rental market. There are more tenants looking for rental homes and rental apartments than there are places available. This is particularly true in the towns that Gorman Real Estate serves: Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach, and Carmel.

It would be easy for a landlord or property manager on the Monterey Peninsula to be casual in their maintenance of their rental home or rental apartment because there is always a steady supply of tenant applicants. But to neglect maintenance would be a mistake.

Maintaining Your Monterey Peninsula Rental Home

Gorman Real Estate believes that maintenance of the rental home or rental apartment is of paramount importance. It is good for the owner/landlord and it is good for the tenant who lives there. The owner benefits by not accumulating a long list of maintenance items that will only grow longer. By properly maintaining their rental home or apartment, the owner or property manager ensures that they will attract only the best quality tenants. The best tenants are those who not only pay their rent on time, but also take good care of the rental home or apartment.

Conversely, if the owner/landlord or property manager allow the rental home or apartment to be neglected, tenants may still be willing to rent the home or apartment, but will they be high quality renters? It would be easy for a tenant to say to themselves, “This home needs new paint and carpet. The owner doesn’t seem to care, so I guess I don’t need to maintain it either.” Obviously, this is NOT the message you or the property manager want to send to your residents.

Maintain your rental home or rental apartment properly and you will have more satisfied and happier residents who will reciprocate by taking excellent care of your investment.