Tenants Beware: Rebate for Washing Machines

If you aPacific Grove Homes for Rent - red washer machine imagere a tenant and go shopping for a washing machine on the Monterey Peninsula, you may be offered a significant rebate on your purchase price. This is offered by the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.   But there’s a catch. To receive this rebate, you are required to obtain the landlord’s signature.

What they don’t tell you is that if the owner signs this form to give you the rebate, the owner forfeits his or her rights to water credits in the home. This would mean that if the owner ever wanted to add a bathroom or expand the home and add a water-using fixture, he or she may not be able to do so unless they are willing to pay back the rebate you were given.

Our property owners are very nice people, but they are not going to sign a form that diminishes their property rights. So many of our residents have been misled by salespeople who just want to sell washing machines.

You may still be eligible for a rebate from PG&E if you buy certain energy efficient washing machines, but you cannot receive the water saving rebate. Please budget accordingly.

If you have concerns about this, we recommend that you talk to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District and encourage them to change their policy so that owners don’t lose their property rights in exchange for the rebate.