Pets in Rental Properties

Should I Allow Pets in My Pacific Grove Rental Property?

One of the more common issues that arise between rental property owners, property management companies and residential rental tenants is the issue of pets in rental housing. Should a tenant be allowed to have a pet?

The answer to this question isn’t always clear. In a perfect world, all pet owners would be responsible with their pets, properly train and bathe them, and make sure they don’t cause a nuisance with neighbors. If every pet owner were that way, pets in rental housing wouldn’t be such a point of contention.

Pacific Grove Rental Property with Pet Cat DogThe reality is that many tenants aren’t responsible pet owners, which causes rental property owners to ban pets in rental housing. Not because they hate pets or pet owners, but because they’ve experienced serious damage caused by pets of irresponsible pet owners. Examples include urine in flooring or floor coverings, shredded window coverings, damaged gardens and lawns, and deep scratches in flooring, walls and doors.

No-pet policies are unpopular with tenants. I understand that. I’ve had pets my entire life, and can’t imagine living without them. But unsupervised pets can wreak havoc to a home. Even large security deposits can be inadequate to reimburse the rental property owner for the expense.

On the other hand, NOT allowing pets in a home can also be expensive for a rental property owner. If you’re a rental property owner and don’t allow a pet, you may be uncompetitive with the rental housing market and will have increased vacancy times. Not receiving rent for a month or two because a house sits vacant can easily be more expensive than the damage a pet can cause. And you may receive less rent when the home or apartment eventually does rent.

Pet Policy on Rental Homes In Pacific Grove

As the property manager, Gorman Real Estate must follow the direction of our rental property owners on this pet issue. If you are a tenant with pets, please understand that if some of our rentals don’t allow pets, it’s not because we hate pets or pet owners. We are pet owners ourselves. It’s usually because the property owner has experienced a loss as a result of an irresponsible pet owner.

Most pet owners are responsible with their pets, but it only takes one bad experience to taint the owner’s view on whether to allow pets. It’s not a reflection on your pets or you as a prospective tenant. Keep searching and you will eventually find a rental home or apartment that will welcome your pet. Take extra care to be responsible with your pet during your tenancy so that future tenants will also be allowed to enjoy their pets in their rental housing.