Roommates in Rental Properties

When an applicant applies to rent a home or apartment from Gorman Real Estate in Pacific Grove, we ask, “Who else will be living in the home or apartment?” We request an application from every adult occupant because we want to be sure we are not renting to someone who has a bad rental payment history, poor credit, and perhaps a criminal record. It’s for your protection as well as ours. That makes sense to most rental applicants, but what about adding a roommate after you move into the home or apartment? Is that allowed?

Can I Rent Out To a Roommate?

House Rental Roommate AgreementGorman Real Estate leases prohibit subletting any portion of the home or apartment to someone or allowing someone to move into the premises without our knowledge or permission. We especially don’t want our residents to advertise on the internet for a roommate. There is a lot of danger in doing so, and you could be exposing yourself to physical harm or a scam. It is also a violation of your lease and may result in the termination of your tenancy.

This policy against subletting exists for a reason. It is based on many years of experience with all that can go wrong if an unauthorized, unknown person moves into one of our properties. If your circumstances have changed and you can no longer afford to pay the rent, talk to us about helping you find a more affordable rental. We may have something that would work perfectly for you. Renting a room to a stranger is NOT the way to go.