Renting Condominiums in Pacific Grove and Surrounding Areas

Find the Condo That’s Right for You

Renting homes and apartments on the Monterey Peninsula can be fairly straightforward.  You find a house that you like and you apply to rent it.  If you are selected by the property manager, you move into the home and (hopefully) live happily ever after.

But not everyone lives in single family homes.  Some people prefer to live in condominiums.  Each of the towns that Gorman Real Estate serves – Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach, and Carmel – have condominium complexes.  Some condos look like single family homes and some look more like apartments.

Condo Rules & Regulations

Pacific Grove Condos for rent - call for availabilityKeep in mind that when you rent a condo, you are also agreeing to all of the rules and regulations of that condominium complex.  You should receive a copy of those rules, read them carefully, and make sure you understand all of those rules.  Then you must decide whether you can live by those rules.  If you can’t, you should move on to another property.

For example, most condos have rules concerning items that can be seen from the exterior, such as satellite dishes.  If you intend to install a satellite dish, you should check with the homeowners association first to make sure you will be able to install your dish where you’d like and in the manner you’d like.  Condo associations generally frown on any changes to the exterior of the building.  They have rules about parking and keeping garage doors closed when not in use.  They have rules governing use of the common areas, whether you can have a pet, and what rules you must follow if you do have a pet.

Condominium living isn’t for everyone, but some people love the sense of order and uniformity that condos provide when the rules are enforced.  Just be sure that you can abide by ALL of the condo association rules before you sign a lease.