Argentinian Ants in Pacific Grove California

ants in the house- Pacific Grove The Monterey Peninsula has its share of pests, but some of the most challenging for property management companies are actually imported from other areas.  Such is the case with the Argentinian ants.  These ants are native to South America and very hard to eradicate.  They tend to overwhelm native ants and aggressively inhabit structures.  They have several queens.  They are tolerant of other Argentinian ant colonies, so instead of eliminating each other, the colonies co-exist.

Do Argentinian Ants Invade Homes?

There is a neighborhood in Pacific Grove – and I have no doubt there are similar neighborhoods in Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel – in which Argentinian ants have become established.  Gorman Real Estate manages a couple of properties in this particular neighborhood.  It started as a very aggressive invasion of a home when the tenant used the fireplace for the first time.  The entire fireplace swarmed with Argentinian ants.

How Do I Get Argentinian Ants Under Control?

The best way to combat these ants is early detection and professional treatment on a regular basis.  For these particular properties in Pacific Grove, we professionally treat the exterior of the homes on a quarterly basis.  This treatment seems to be keeping them under control.  It can be supplemented with ant traps from a hardware store that are meant for the ants to bring back to the colony to kill the queen.  As mentioned earlier, these ants have more than one queen, so it is an ongoing issue.

Proper communication from the resident to the property management company is key to handling this and other pest issues.  Be sure to let us know if you are having a problem … before it becomes an even bigger problem.