High Water Bills in Monterey County

Money down the drain- Gorman Real EstateProperty management on the Monterey Peninsula is made even more challenging with the ongoing water shortage and the possibility of receiving a very high water bill. Most tenants who live in a Gorman Real Estate rental property pay the water bill directly to California American Water Company. Even so, as your property management company, Gorman Real Estate can still help.

Help With Your Water Bill

If you are a Gorman Real Estate tenant and receive a high water bill, contact us immediately. We will send a plumber out to check all of the plumbing to make sure nothing is leaking. We generally offer same-day service if called during business hours. If something is leaking, our plumber will fix it at the owner’s expense. If you do receive a high water bill, Gorman Real Estate will write a letter to California American Water Company on your behalf, along with a copy of the plumbing invoice, requesting a credit on your bill. Although this is generally not for the entire extra amount of the bill, every little bit helps, and we’re happy to assist.

How to Lower the Water Bill in a Rental Property

To prevent a high water bill in the first place, renters should train themselves to have an awareness of running water. After flushing a toilet, make sure you wait until it stops running before you leave the house or apartment, especially if you are going on vacation. Most toilets have a shut-off valve at the rear of the base of the toile. If you hear it running, you can shut it off temporarily. The same is true for sink faucets. The sooner you contact Gorman Real Estate, the faster the leak will be stopped.

Water rates on the Monterey Peninsula continue to climb. But if you are careful with your use of the water and report all leaks to Gorman Real Estate immediately, you can lessen your chances of getting stuck with a big water bill.