Gardening : Monterey Peninsula Rental Homes

Rental home nice house front yardShould you include gardening services in your rental property?  Gorman Property Management serves Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel.  Isn’t there a drought on the Monterey Peninsula?  What’s the point of spending money on gardening?

There are a lot of good reasons to provide a gardening service at your rental home or apartment:

  • Tenants will pay more rent for rental homes that provide gardening
  • Your neighbors will appreciate it
  • Your tenants will appreciate it
  • You get a more consistent service that you can control
  • Your landscaping is less likely to die
  • Professional gardeners know what to plant and how to maintain the plants
  • Better relations between the landlord or property manager and residents/tenants

Gorman Property Management provides gardening at our rental homes and apartments in Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel for all of the above reasons.  But the last point is particularly important.

The Importance of a Good Property Management Company

A good relationship between the landlord or property manager and the tenant is vital. It isn’t worth tarnishing an otherwise good relationship with a tenant over a disagreement about gardening.  Most tenants have no knowledge of, or interest in, gardening.  They may have good intentions, but unless gardening is a hobby that they truly enjoy, the landscape will be neglected.  When the landlord or property manager drives by the home and sees the lack of maintenance, they will contact the tenant to insist that they maintain the landscaping properly.  This often isn’t received well, and a cycle of negativity starts.

It’s all unnecessary.  If a professional gardener doesn’t maintain the landscaping properly, he or she can be fired and replaced with someone who will do a better job.  If an otherwise excellent tenant doesn’t do a good job with the gardening, do you really want to taint your relationship with them over a relatively minor issue like gardening?

Hiring a professional gardener shows your resident and the neighboring property owners that you care about maintaining your investment.