Cleanliness in Pacific Grove Rental Houses

pacific-grove curb appealAs I have stated in other blogs, the Monterey Peninsula rental market has no shortage of available rental tenants. Gorman Real Estate Management often receives several applications for our rental homes and rental apartments. Why is this? Well, some of it is simply supply and demand. There is a greater demand for rental homes and rental apartments than there is a supply of rental housing in the towns that we serve: Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach, and Carmel.

But we at Gorman Real Estate also like to think that our attention to detail has something to do with the demand for our particular rental homes and rental apartments. We try to present the nicest and cleanest rental homes and apartments on the Monterey Peninsula. That is why we receive consistently high online reviews for our services from both tenants and property owners.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

A well-maintained rental home or rental apartment appeals to prospective tenants. It’s only natural that people will be attracted to a rental home or rental apartment that shows some pride of ownership. Conversely, prospective tenants are turned off by rental homes and rental apartments that reflect a lack of pride of ownership, either from the owner of the property or the property manager who is representing the owner.

But it goes beyond maintenance and pride of ownership of rental homes and rental apartments. Gorman Real Estate believes that we receive an abundance of applications on our rental homes and rental apartments because our rentals are CLEAN.

Gorman Real Estate makes sure the departing tenant or owner leaves the home clean for the next resident. We conduct move-out inspections to make sure the rental home or apartment is properly cleaned. We provide incentives for our departing tenants to have the home professionally cleaned so that the cleaning is done properly and thoroughly.

Move-In Ready

Most properties will be shown for a period of time between the departure of the prior tenant and the acceptance of an application for a new tenant. During this time, people will be visiting the rental home or rental apartment, and it will invariably become less clean than it was. Moving a new tenant into a rental home or apartment that is dirty reflects not only poor property management, but shows a lack of respect to your new tenant. That’s why it is the policy of Gorman Real Estate to clean our rental homes and apartments one last time before the new tenant moves in. We feel this policy tells our new tenants that we care about them and want things to be right when they move in. Happy tenants are more likely to be long-term tenants who will save owners from vacancy costs down the road. That’s a win-win for everyone!