Bedbugs on the Monterey Peninsula

Are there really bedbugs in Pacific Grove, Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel – the areas serviced by Gorman Real Estate? The answer to that question is, unfortunately, yes. It’s important to remember that having bedbugs doesn’t make you a bad person or a poor housekeeper. Even the cleanest households can get bedbugs. Once you have them, though, you need to work diligently to get rid of them.

What are bedbugs?

Pacific Grove & Montery Rental Homes | bed bugsThey are small, oval-shaped parasites, usually brown in color. Adults are about the size of an apple seed. They feed on human and animal blood, much like a tick or flea, and they leave bite marks on the victim that vary in size depending on the size of the bug and the sensitivity of host.

Where do they live?

They often live in mattresses, furniture, carpeting and crevices in a dwelling. Once they are present, they are difficult to eradicate.

What causes an infestation?

Bedbugs are hitchhikers, and often travel with people in their luggage. Sometimes, though, bedbugs are introduced through the purchase of used furniture, especially mattresses and couches.

How do I know when I have bedbugs?

You will notice bites on your body that resemble flea bites. Bedbugs generally bite at night while people are asleep, and the bites are generally painless until they start to itch.

How do I get rid of them?

Although there are plenty of resources on the internet, it is best to consult with a professional pest control expert rather than trying to eradicate bedbugs on your own. The pest control professional will set you up with a plan and will tell you exactly what to do.

Should I tell my landlord?

Even though you may have introduced the bed bugs and are therefore responsible for their eradication, please notify us so we can help you find a reliable pest control company. In an apartment community, it is especially important to notify us so that we can take measures to help prevent your neighboring units from becoming infested also.

Having bedbugs is no fun, but with a good eradication plan in place, you should be back to normal soon.